Hi, I'm Luke! I am an Industrial Designer.

I have a curious mind and love tinkering with things. I have a strong belief in good affordance in everyday things, observing the nuances in the things around us and wondering how it could be done better. I aspire to make lives better through good product design with an emphasis on designing for the human experience, something that's become especially important with the merging of physical & digital worlds. I am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in the Division of Industrial Design, at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

'nudge' is a new way to facilitate evacuations during a fire emergency, with the power of odor
Electric Paint by KrustyLabs
An interactive digital graffiti wall experience powered by Lidar for a Disney premiere event
Typodont +
The world's first training simulator for the orthodontic mini screw insertion
Nexus Link System
The Nexus link system investigates how a singular motion can trigger a chain of events within a network of joints. A wall light has been designed to showcase this ability.
Otter Defender
Otter Defender is an educational interactive game that runs on poseNet to detect user interactions.
Bob the Villager
A responsive "Tamagotchi" using a Microbit microprocessor paired with Javascript (P5.js) for displaying front-end elements.
Tuk Tuk
Design research - Designing a materials system - Customizing mechanical haptics
Home Assist
The simplicity and complexity of interaction design (IxD)
Dyson Snapshot
Computer-aided conceptual design
Helix tower
Design for technology
Artemis car
Design for technology
Computer-aided design
Product design and visualization with Keyshot and Rhino
NUS Rovers Tenderfoot
Annual publication for NUS Rovers
Virtual escape room
Computational media literacy in HTML/CSS/Javascript
Compliant haptics
Haptics and design research
James Dyson Competition 2021
Lifeline program
Conceptual story-driven, recycled materials
Bistro Box
Human-centered design, user research case study
Foam forms
Form finding and craftsmanship by sanding pink foam
NUS Rovers logo
NUS Rovers logo redesign to be modern, visual and adaptable
Evolving a comb
Design for prototyping, design for 3D-printing
Radial Dial Controller
Game controller affordance with Ardunio integration
Shoji Buttons
Buttons designed for human interaction, with designed affordance. Inspired by Japanese architecture
How we see
Publication on Visual Communication
Accent stones
Form finding with clay as a medium
Turning household objects into musical instruments
Windowscapes - Hydrophilic coating
Buoc Container
Windowscape study - Utensil & condiments holder
Glass pudding
Thinking through making, material exploration with flour as a medium
Hacking creativity
Cheat sheet for wacky wonky ideas (that might be good)
Introduction to sketching
Sketching for design and abstraction
Singapore Navy Museum
Museum displays for the 2021 refresh
SPH Studio Project
Creating a healthy newspaper retail network in Singapore
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